Revolution Spoilers: What To Expect When Monroe's Son Arrives

Revolution Spoilers: What To Expect When Monroe's Son Arrives

downloadShowrunner Eric Kripke has previewed Revolution's exciting second half where the arrival of Monroe's son is expected to unfold.

As learned earlier, Mat Vairo (Switched at Birth) landed the recurring role of Connor, Monroe's son on the NBC drama. Connor will first appear when the series returns on Jan. 8.

Here's how the EP previewed Monroe's reunion with his son:

“Trusting that guy into the position of father has brought out some really unexpected and interesting colors in the character,” teases executive producer Eric Kripke.

And not long after we meet Connor, he adds, he will find himself among the group of people hoping to bring down the season’s big bad. “The second half of the season is part of our group marshaling their forces and pulling everyone together — that includes Monroe’s son and Neville — and bringing everyone together against the bad guys,” he says.

“Meanwhile, the bad guys’ plan becomes terrifyingly clear as well as the audience getting to know really the big bad of the season, which is the president of the ‘United States’ — in quotes. All the chess pieces are moving into position for a final confrontation.”

Source: EW