Revolution Spoilers: How Will Charlie Evolve In The Next Episodes?

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October 23, 2012

Learn more about Tracy Spiridakos’ character Charlie Matheson and what is in store for her in the next upcoming episodes of NBC’s new hit-show Revolution.

The actress’ opinion on her character’s evolution:

“I personally don’t believe that vulnerability is a weakness,” (…) “I think it’s really great that we get to embody that and show the strength that comes with being vulnerable and loving people, as opposed to hating and having their walls up.(…) “The more she interacts with [Miles], the more they continue on this journey, the more she’s going to grow from a young, little girl to soon enough a lady and then a woman,” (…) “She’s going to start to embrace who she is, know what she wants, what she’s willing to do, what she’s willing to stand up for.”

Executive producer David Rambo also teases upcoming episode “Sex And Drugs”:
“You’re going to see Charlie try to lose hope, try to be more like Miles,” (…) “If she thinks that this is what you have to do to survive, she’s going to try to do it, but ultimately she’s always going to be Charlie.”
Source: TVGuide