Revolution Spoilers: Kim Raver Will Play A Lady Macbeth-Like Character

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October 16, 2012

Learn more about Kim Raver’s character, Tom Neville’s wife, on NBC’s new show Revolution

“Getting Kim to do our show is a huge win for us because Julia is a cool and very complex character,” says creator Eric Kripke. “Before the world lost power, Tom was a mild-mannered insurance adjustor and now he’s a Machiavellian henchman. His wife went through a similar transformation. They are very much each other’s match, not unlike the Macbeths.”

  ”When you’re a lead character on a series, like Teddy on Grey’s, it’s all about being accessible and likable, but on Revolution it’s about doing things to survive that the audience might not like,” Raver says. “I think you’ll love watching the Nevilles make their moves. But will you actually like Julia? I don’t know. Some people root for Lady Macbeth, don’t they?”

Source: TVGuide