Revolution Spoilers: More On The Future of Dany, Randall and Grace

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February 1, 2013

Learn more about what executive producer Eric Kripke had to say on the future of Dany, Randall and Grace on NBC’s show Revolution.

Eric Kripke on Randall and Grace:

“Randall starts to play a very large part in the mythology in the second half. They’re in this mysterious location, and we’ll learn what [it] is. We’ll learn what Randall wants, what he’s doing and indeed how dangerous he is and how it’ll affect our heroes.”

Eric Kripke on Dany:

“He was ripped from his home and realized he had a mother and was beaten along the way by Neville. I think that really matures him and ages him in a way that we’ll really see in the second half of the season. He’ll really be willing to take up arms in the fight against Monroe, so in that way I think he really starts to evolve into a warrior.”

Source: TVGuide / TVGuide