Will Revenge's Nolan Find Love?

Will Revenge's Nolan Find Love?

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Nolan, Emily's bizarre guardian angel on Revenge, is a bit of a misfit, and so far, the only love he's gotten is a little blackmail from high-class hooker Tyler. Fortunately, these spoilers tell us that's about to change.

Love is in the air — and Gabriel Mann knows nothing about it (except that it’s “100 percent” happening.) “I know there is someone coming into his future. They won’t tell me anything, though,” he says. “I said, ‘Will you guys at least tell me? Is it one of our established characters?’ And [EP Mike Kelley] was like ‘Gabe, it’s you. You know I’m not telling you anything.’”

If it is an established character, which man or woman do you think Nolan will be hooking up with?

Source: EW

Photo Source: ABC