Who Shoots Who On Revenge?

Who Shoots Who On Revenge?

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In Revenge's first episode, it was suggested that Daniel was shot and killed, perhaps as part of Emily's vengeful plot to take down his family, the Graysons. But now that he's become such a popular character, it's anyone's guess if the showrunners will bite the bullet and write him off for good. We're still looking for spoilers, but in the meantime, at least we know WHEN we'll know:

Question: This past week marked the 13th episode of the freshman series Revenge. I remember reading that the Labor Day engagement party previewed in the pilot was originally scheduled to be the 13th episode. Have the writers decided to take advantage of the series' popularity and draw out the story by delaying that episode? Will we see the events of the engagement party before the season finale? — Tommy

Matt Roush: Yes, we'll come full circle to the deadly events of the pilot episode very soon. Your suspicions are correct that when Revenge started strong out of the gate and got an early pickup, the producers decided to let things play out a little longer, and we're expected to find out just who got shot and who the shooter is over the course of the next two episodes, airing Feb. 8 and 15. In this case, more is more — as in fun.

What do you think? Someone will shoot, and someone will get shot, but who?

Source: TV Guide

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