Revenge's Victoria Indulges in Love Affair

Revenge's Victoria Indulges in Love Affair

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We've seen the current bitter, loveless relationship that Victoria has with her husband, Conrad Grayson, and flashed back to her joyful romance with David Clarke. Now we're going to see something new: a torrid affair in the present. James Purefoy is the lucky man cast as the gent who catches the ice queen's eye.

"She's going to have a big, passionate love affair" with James' character... [and in] "the next number of episodes, you'll see some of [Victoria's] origins. You'll see why she connects so peculiarly in such a strange way to people."

How do you think Victoria's family will react to her big love affair? Since this is Revenge, after all, I can't see it ending well.

Source: The Insider

Photo Source: ABC