The Scoop on Grandpa Grayson

The Scoop on Grandpa Grayson

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What kind of man shaped one of the most cold-hearted characters on Revenge, Conrad Grayson? We're about to find out on the next episode, titled "Perception" and airing February 8th. Henry Czerny (Conrad) and Madeleine Stowe (Victoria) share some spoilers about Edward Grayson.

“For a character to show up on Revenge and not have a complex, slightly discomforting relationship with people would be impossible.” What brings about Edward’s visit? “There is only one real answer to that question: You’ll have to watch the show,” Czerny says. “It’s so secretive, I’d have to kill you first and then tell you.”

That said, there's more to Edward than just discomforting complexity.

"He's hysterical," Madeleine adds. "Grandpa Grayson has very special affection for Victoria. They adore each other and she's using him to turn the tables back on Conrad. He pumps some lifeblood into the show."

Why does Edward Grayson have such special affection for Victoria, yet no love lost for his own son? Tune in to find out!

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