Revenge Spoilers: Why is Jack Distrustful to Emily and Nolan? Nick Wechsler Weighs-in!

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March 10, 2013

CONNOR PAOLO, NICK WECHSLER, EMILY VANCAMP, GABRIEL MANNWhen Revenge season 2 returns on March 10 with episode 15 titled “Retribution”, a different Jack will emerge.

I mean who in his right mind wouldn’t? He just got married and on the sublime moments of his honeymoon, his whole world just insanely crashed under his nose! Fine, let’s give this Porter a break to lick his wounds.

Speaking of wounds, the midseason climax of Revenge finally unfolded when Fauxmanda Clarke has kicked the bucket. This trajectory as previously teased by the cast, will send the characters to darker shades and even higher stakes. And yes if you missed it, it was also confirmed that the ever, highly-convoluted The Initiative plot is on the works of getting wrapped up too. Cheers!

Back to Jack..

Nick Wechsler has teased a darker, revenge-y Jack Porter. Check. But a distrustful widower? That’s new! TV Line spoke to Wechsler where they hash out more deplorable effects of Amanda’s death to Jack. Here are a few spoilers the actor has previewed:

“Jack’s just freshly devastated, [so] it’s too soon for [he and Emily] to be together. He’ll soon “learn some stuff that makes him not trust [her]”.

“Things are strained between Nolan and Jack a little bit, too. You’ll see why in this next episode. It’s partly because Jack’s all f–ked up, and partly because sometimes you push people away when you lose someone that significant — or at least you’re more fragile and more likely to tell someone to f–k off.”

Are you excited to see a revenge-y Jack Porter?