Revenge Spoilers: Who Shot Emily?

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October 2, 2013

emilyEmily Van Camp talked about the season 3 opener of Revenge where we saw her character, Emily Thorne got shot on her wedding day.

Below, the actress answered what most fans of the show are wondering about — when does the aforementioned scene occur? Will we see Ems in actual danger? Or is it merely just an ominous bad dream?

..the writers “are still on the fence about” who ultimately pulls the trigger. And someone does pull the trigger. The show’s leading lady insists the show isn’t pulling a fast one in that flash-forward (i.e. it’s a dream, the shooting is staged or something else lame like that.) “From what I know, she is really going to get shot and fall off that boat,” she maintains. “Who knows what happens after that? I’ll have to wait until Episode 10 to read it.”

Source: TV Lne