Revenge Spoilers: What’s In Store For Aiden and Emily on Season 2?

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October 3, 2012

The new man in Emily Thorne’s life in Revenge season 2, Aiden, was teased by EP Mike Kelley in his recent chat with TV Line. Check out the details we grabbed below!

  • Takeda’s other student might not have figured prominently in last week’s episode, but that will soon change.
  • An origins episode will fill in a lot of the new guy’s back story – including how he and Em met and what bonds them.
  • Later, when Daniel and Emily are “on the outs” and Jack’s unavailable, “There’s an opening there” for Aiden.
  • Emily’s not the most receptive. Aiden has a lot of ground to make up with her, because he did something to her that’s very hard for her to forgive.
  •  Em’s rich sidekick may not be Aiden’s biggest fan. This character has come in and stolen his girl, so [Nolan] doesn’t love him.

Source: TV Line