Revenge Spoilers: Things Get Ugly In The Hamptons

Revenge Spoilers: Things Get Ugly In The Hamptons

Ugly, as defined on Revenge: discovering that Daniel is responsible for firing a bullet into Tyler's chest; watching Emily's mentor, Takeda, cleaning up his protege's mess; and foreseeing the tearful ending of Daniel and Emily's love story.

Ugly is an apt word to describe the turn of events at the end of the February 15 episode, when viewers learned that Daniel was not only alive, but that he was actually responsible for firing the first of three bullets into the victim's chest. The identity of the black-gloved murderer who fired the subsequent two shots will be revealed to viewers by the conclusion of the February 29 episode.

Kelley does confirm that Daniel will remain the authorities' prime suspect (possibly even being sent off to jail), and that the flashback-filled February 29 hour will introduce Courtney B. Vance (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) as Daniel's defense attorney, Benjamin Brooks. Nearly every character will face police interrogation. "It's so much fun to watch how things really happened that night as all the secrets start to unravel," says VanCamp. "You'll get to see a lot more of what happened on the beach. And Emily's revenge master Takeda really comes in to clean up for her."

As for Daniel, Bowman has been rooting for his fall from grace all along. "He's been so damn good, and I like to be bad," says Bowman with a wicked smile. "He's been gullible and foolish, believing anything Emily says. I'd like to see a dark side of Daniel, and that may be coming down the line as he finds out certain things about Emily. I know where this love story is going, and it will only end in tears."

I'm excited to see how Daniel reacts to the news that his sweet fiancee is actual a vengeful maniac. How about you?

Source: TV Online