Revenge Spoilers: The Cast Previews What's Next After Amanda's Demise

Revenge Spoilers: The Cast Previews What's Next After Amanda's Demise

ems-and-nolan-to-the-rescueThe cast of Revenge had a spoilery conversation with ET on a red carpet event recently. During their interview, the stars -- Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, Joshua Bowman, Nick Wechsler, Christa B.Allen and Barry Sloane hash out the aftereffects of Amanda's death for their characters on the hit ABC sudser.

Find out what's next for Emily and her crew of Revengers below:

Nick Wechsler spoils:  Jack Porter will transition into a 'dark' widower

"Because of what he heard on the boat about Amanda stealing a computer from Conrad, Jack falls under the impression that Conrad had her killed. So he starts going after him and I'm excited for the fans to see this different version of Jack.

Jack is no longer instantly trusting of everyone. The way I always defended his naivety was by saying that he was so good that he didn't expect bad from anyone else, so he walked into some sh*t that normal people wouldn't. But not anymore. The world broke his heart, and now it's going to have to pay."

Krista Allen spoils: Oh Hail Crazy Charlotte, AGAIN.

"Amanda's death has become the driving force for Charlotte in the rest of the season. Anything she goes through is fueled by the fact she lost the one person she considers family. Anyone who experiences a tragedy tries to cope, but if you can't cope, you lose it, and that's the direction Charlotte is heading in ... once again. Basically losing her mind."

Josh Bowman spoils: Power Tripping Daniel

"The Initiative storyline starts to wrap up, which I think is a good thing. It gets us back to the roots of why we're all there, and more importantly, why Emily is there. Daniel is doing very well professionally and starts to get a bit egotistical. He turns into this driven, successful young man who is really pushing for power like never before. There's a flash towards the dark side for him, and it's quite a drastic change."

Cast teased an upcoming dark winter, Hamptons-style plus more deaths!

"In the last nine episodes, we move into winter where everything gets nice and dark. More so than ever before," -- Josh Bowman

"That sets us up perfectly for Emily's refreshed drive for revenge. She's made mistakes, things have convoluted her plan. But now that she's lost Amanda, Emily is laser focused in taking down The Grayson Family. I think it's important for the show to have a clear villain. It's going to be fun to have the king and the queen back on the hill with the villagers trying to take them down." -- Emily VanCamp

"There are more deaths coming, more flashbacks, more origin stories, a return to the classic Nolan and Ems, The Red Sharpie comes back out, we learn about secret siblings and, specifically for Nolan, I play some qualities and sides of him that I didn't even know existed in him. I flex some serious, dramatic muscles. And there are a very poignant number of losses that are going to test his fragile sanity." -- Gabriel Mann

Revenge returns with S02E15 titled "Retribution" on March 10th on ABC.