Revenge Spoilers: Somebody Will Be Kidnapped

Revenge Spoilers: Somebody Will Be Kidnapped

[caption id="attachment_42337" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Fire & Ice Engagement Party"][/caption]

Revenge's Executive Producer, Mike Kelley, shares some spoilers about Emily Thorne & Daniel Grayson's fateful engagement party. Most shockingly, he spills that someone will be kidnapped, but teases that no matter what happens, we'll be surprised.

“It’s pretty spooky what happens on the beach because we’re going into a trial for the murderer. Some of the surprises are going to come out in upcoming episodes, after the engagement party. But there will be one thing that people did not see coming... [and] the reason that Emily doesn’t cancel this party is because she’s trying to protect somebody that’s been abducted. Somebody has been kidnapped as insurance,” Kelley said. ” She’s going through with the engagement party to protect an innocent.”

Who do you think will be the poor innocent kidnapped? That said... who really is THAT innocent on this show?

Source: EW