Revenge Spoilers: Showrunner’s Revelations for Emily and Victoria; Plus, To Clarify ‘The Initiative’ Hazy Storyline

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January 7, 2013

From what I have read the past weeks, publications and other sources have consistently bashed the sophomore season of the Emily Van Camp starred series, Revenge — claiming that ‘The Initiative’ storyline is waay too convoluted. To straighten things out once and for all, TV Line spoke to showrunner Mike Kelley where they chat about the “rebooted” format of the ABC sudser.

To make things convenient for your reading pleasure, I’ve summed up all the spoilers loaded on their convo. Please enjoy!

What to expect on Revenge this year 2013, (included are quoted statements from the Q&A):

  • Victoria Grayson will be solidified as the show’s rapscallion.
  • This season, expect the show to reset the revenge element between Emily and Victoria. Here’s a brief quoted statement from M. Kelley:

Everything we’re [currently] doing between the two of them is leading toward greater conflict in order to reset and refuel the series for some time to come.”

  • Finally, the way too obscure ‘The Initiative’ plot. The interview assured fans that the show’s focus now will be to “make sure that [The Initiative] is not as nebulous; that we understand..”

“The more successful outings where The Initiative is concerned aren’t when we’re podding other characters off in their own Initiative story. Rather, it’s when Emily’s involved and we know exactly what’s at stake, what the crimes are and what we’re doing.”

What do you think about ‘The Initiative’ plot?