Revenge Spoilers: Showrunner Teases Midseason Climax, 'Aidily' and Amanda's Betrayal

Revenge Spoilers: Showrunner Teases Midseason Climax, 'Aidily' and Amanda's Betrayal

On the heels of scheming with Big Bad Victoria Grayson, Emily Thorne's plot for Revenge is progressing.. in a sexy, sneaky fashion!

Last Sunday's episode titled "Sabotage", Emily held an opulent auction where mother and son, Victoria and Daniel played "I'm the richest and fairest" just to prove a point. Daniel got the highest bid for a luxurious bottle of wine which cost him $1 million bucks a pop. Nolan and Marco bickered over the past while being manipulated by Padma. Ems targeted Helen Clarke, pulling a fake abduction stunt with acolytes, Nolan and Aidan. While on the Stowaway, Amanda almost killed one of the Ryan brothers. And Jack was bailed out by Conrad Grayson as a favor to his former drug-addled daughter, Ashley.

Meanwhile, Emily's fauxmance with Daniel Grayson was turning Aidan into a green-eyed monster. And ultimately, Padma becomes a threat for Nolan and Emily.

Clearly, the Americon Initiative is already under Emily's thumb. This ofcourse begs the question -- what other kind of detrimental measure is she willing to take in order to put them down? And with the Porters extremely agitated by the Ryans, on which end will this debacle cap-off?

On the excerpts below, showrunner Mike Kelly previewed what's to come on the latter part of season 2. Check out what he had to say about the big demise coming up on the Amanda, Emily and Aidan's convoluted romance and the treacherous move from Amanda!

Midseason climax -- Amanda sinks in season 2 episode 14 with a couple of tragedies --

"There are more weddings and more deaths. There is a shake-up in the Hamptons and Emily’s world [will] be pretty rocked — as are the people who watch the show. The emotional resonance of this particular tragedy is going to be a lot more powerful. This is as powerful emotionally as last year was shock-wise.”

Emily and Aidan's loyalty for each other will be challenged --

“As we move through the next few episodes, especially Episode 13, we’re exploring how the presence of Aiden — the mere existence of him — gives Emily the sense that she’s not entirely alone. There’s gong to be a huge loyalty challenge between them because Aiden’s very complicated; he’s got his own drama and agenda…. Just as their passion and commitment to each other is growing stronger, they’ll find themselves at odds mission-wise.”

Amanda will be forced to double-cross Emily --

“The thing about Amanda is that she’s a survivor. She’s going to have a challenge coming up…. In order to save what she has going on with Jack, there’s going to be a choice she has to make that will involve a betrayal of Emily.”

Source: TV Line