Revenge Spoilers: Prepare for The Most Twisted Episode Yet!

Revenge Spoilers: Prepare for The Most Twisted Episode Yet!

Check out the latest spoilers on tonight's episode of Revenge, Jack's and Emily's storyline and a new love interest. Thanks to TV Line and TV Guide.

  • Emily's not in the business of killing. What's difficult for her is no plan goes exactly as you think it will and she have end up hurting people around her that she doesn't want to. That is going to be quite the challenge for her.

  • Prepare for Revenge's most twisted episode yet! Episode five (airing tonight) is going to really blow everyone's mind. So many things happen all in that one episode that are going to have to be dealt with over the episodes to come. It's going to be amazing.

  • Jack (Nick Wechsler) may be getting a new love interest soon.
  • Jack will remain utterly and completely duped for the time being. He’s not getting any vibe yet that Emily's from his past. There are moments where you think he’s onto her, even if just for a second, and then you realize that he doesn’t know.

  • Victoria’s nosy P.I. will unearth some major dirt about Emily’s past that could throw a monkey wrench into her little revenge scheme.