Revenge Spoilers: Nolan/Patrick’s Kissing Scene — A Problem for Ems?

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October 28, 2013

Nolan_PatrickUh-oh. Nolan and Patrick happened. Do I hear “Nolan and Patrick 4eva!”, shippers?

Totes possible right? But then, before we jump into major speculations for the Revenge hotties let’s first weigh the cons, shall we?

We learned from Nolan’s portrayer Gabriel Mann that the shocker scene holds a package of predicament for Emily Van Camp‘s Emily.

Here’s what Mann has revealed to EW in a report:

“Her one-mindedness about getting this revenge, I think, sometime doesn’t always account for other people’s feelings…I can guarantee you she’s going to get some serious push-back in terms of forging ahead,” he said. “I think as much as Nolan is devoted to helping her accomplish her goals, if it starts to come into opposition to things Nolan might want personally in his life, they might have some beef. They might have some words.”

In addition, Mann also shared that he and Hartley didn’t see the heated moment coming either.

Oh of course they didn’t. But did you, Revenge fandom? Drop by below for your reactions!

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    they belong together