Revenge Spoilers: Nolan Ross in Flashback

Revenge Spoilers: Nolan Ross in Flashback


Emily's go-to IT guy (and begrudging ally), Nolan Ross, is going to step a little further into the spotlight on Revenge. Specifically, his relationship with her father. Gabriel Mann shares some spoilers about his character, Nolan as well as Grandpa Grayson's impact on the show.

“We have actually shot some flashback stuff with Nolan and David,” Mann says. “I think as we got more information about the fate of the series, we pushed pause on that for a minute because we’ve got some time to tell this now. We don’t have to tell it all immediately. I think they’re waiting for the moment that it will be most effective in terms of serving the larger story to start to reveal that information. But I can tell you, absolutely yes, you’re going to find out a lot more about that. That’s going to change a lot of things, too.”

“As everybody does, Grandpa Grayson has his own agenda, too,” Mann says. “Scandal is not something he takes lightly. Some of the information that has been revealed lately does not really jive with his view of Grayson Global. So, he’s got a very pivotal role coming up. I think as Conrad and Victoria’s divorce starts to twist and become darker and more complex, the addition of adding him into the mix will complicate everything. I think you will start to find out more in terms of the Charlotte backstory and with the David Clarke and Victoria stuff.”

What do you think will be revealed about the Nolan/David relationship? Why did David believe in Nolan enough to invest in his company (a move that definitely paid off)?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter