Revenge Spoilers: Nolan Ross Battles Head-to-Head with The Falcon

3282013-12449-PM-536846746824316473The battle is on between two tech savvy characters on Revenge! As you all know, Nolan Ross is pulling teeth in finding the identity of the elusive The Falcon. But as the season draws near to the end, expect an upgraded Nolan Ross just waiting to nail down his enemy.

According to Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross), his character will take his tech skills into a deeper extent on the hit ABC susder. This watercooler moment will unravel on the April 28th episode of Revenge titled "Identity".

Here's more scoop from TV Guide:

Nolan will dig for answers about Padma's death and, in the process, viewers will finally learn the identity of the elusive Falcon. And a showdown is a-comin'... sorta. "Two major computer geeks going head-to-head -- you can imagine that one," Gabriel Mann says with a laugh. "How they [battle] is something that will inspire some laughs." But things could also turn serious much faster than you think. "I have to question whether [Nolan's] up on his self-defense kills at this point, but I will say he's going to need them really bad for things coming up soon," Mann says. Personally, I'm just hoping Nolan will get to sport his undercover 'stache again!

To know more about this episode, check out the official promo below: