Revenge Spoilers: Nolan’s Revengenda

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February 17, 2012

Looks like Emily’s mentor, Takeda, may have switched teams: to her ally, Nolan Ross.

That fleeting “knowing” look between Nolan and Takeda at the Fire & Ice ball would suggest/confirm that the Internet titan has a revengenda not necessarily in line with Emily’s. And an “all-flashback” episode on tap for the back half of Season 1 may shed light on that. “You’re going to start finding out how Nolan went from a Pearl Jam-loving Seattle grunge musician standing outside of an Escalade with an infinity box to a Peter Pan-looking, popped-collar guy,” Gabriel Mann tells us. The reveal of that transition, he says, will directly inform Nolan’s recent antics — including but not limited to what he may have been up at behind Em’s back at the engagement soiree.

What do you think the mischievous pair was up to at the Fire & Ice Ball?

Source: TV Line