Revenge Spoilers: Nick Wechsler Teases Thanksgiving Episode "Lineage" -- Q&A

Revenge Spoilers: Nick Wechsler Teases Thanksgiving Episode "Lineage" -- Q&A

In an interview with Huffington Post, actor Nick Wechsler talked about this Sunday's episode of Revenge titled "Lineage" where the show goes back in year 2006. What can fans expect from this flashback episode?

The actor teases that not only "Lineage" is a tour down memory lane, it is also their Thanksgiving presentation. On that note, Nick shared that fans will learn about the one thing that Emily and Victoria have in common -- an estranged mom. As earlier reported, actress Adrienne Barbeau has landed the wicked role. But if you're wondering when will her antagonizing presence emerges, the actor added that she will show up on a Thanksgiving meal in the Hamptons. Check out the first-look image here!

Elsewhere in the Hamptons, the actor also revealed that Jack's current quandary with the Ryans will be given a deeper sense. He teased that his family, the Porters, already have a history with the Ryans which may be rooted from the time when his father was still alive. And to tease you more about that, here's what the official guide tells us -- "Carl Porter gets into hot water when he crosses the wrong people on the docks."

Below are a few excerpts I grabbed from the Q&A, keep reading to find out more about this Sunday's episode and what's ahead in Revenge season 2!

This week's episode flashes back to 2006. Where was Jack then?

Well, this is obviously back when his dad was still in the picture. There's just a lot going on. Basically, when we jump back in time to see them, it gives some backstory: We learn that my family has a connection to the Ryans. It seems like we just happened upon them with Declan having robbed Kenny Ryan [J. R. Bourne], but, turns out, it may not be such a coincidence. Our families have history.

Last episode, Kenny's brother Nate [Michael Trucco] was introduced and it definitely seems like they have an agenda. When will Jack realize that something's up with the Ryans, since he's so trusting?

Yes. As is generally the case with him, he will pick up on it, but only when he is being slapped in the face with it. I think Jack is such a good, honest guy that he doesn't expect anyone else to be dishonest. He isn't anticipating it so he can look a little foolish sometimes, but -- my take anyway -- he's just too trusting, as many of us are. You know, it takes us a while to see warning signs. Mostly, we do that in relationships, but I think he's going to catch on definitely, but it might be when he's in too deep already.

In the last episode, Amanda told Jack that she just wants a small wedding on the boat with the baby and some friends. Will we see that wedding happen?

I expect we will. We're about to start Episode 11 so we'll be halfway when we finish this one.

Anything else you can tease about Season 2?

Everybody should tune in to see my hair in this flashback episode. [Laughs.] But things start to heat up with the Ryan brothers -- it's a problem. [Laughs.] It ends up being a tremendous threat and I'm excited to see how that plays out and what people's reaction to it is.

The official promotional photos for "Lineage" are already released, check them out here!

'Revenge' airs every Sunday on ABC.