Revenge Spoilers: Nick Wechsler Previews Jack’s Next Move — Will He Team Up With Emily?

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May 22, 2013

imagesJack is having a bad, bad, year. First it was his “wifey” Fauxmanda, then it was poor little bro, Declan. Who else will die among his loved ones? Somebody give this dude a break, Revenge showrunners!

Clearly, the Hamptons is not treating him well. Not only that he suffered two painful deaths, he also learned that Emily has been betraying him all along. So, what’s next for Jack when the ABC soap returns? Will he still team-up with Emily despite the odds? Nick Wechsler weighs-in!

“I think he’s going to be hurt and not trust her. She’s got to earn his trust back. If he does team up with her, it’s only because they have a common enemy, not because she’s out of the doghouse.”

Revenge has been officially renewed for season 3, see you in the fall Revengers!

Source: TV Guide