Revenge Spoilers: Nick Wechsler Previews Jack's Fate in Season 2

Revenge Spoilers: Nick Wechsler Previews Jack's Fate in Season 2

The recent happenings in 'Revenge' surrounding Nick Wechsler character as Jack Porter have become increasingly shady, not to mention full of crappy conspiracies. Especially now that Emily and Fauxmanda conspired to hide the truth behind the paternity test from him, what else could be worse than that? Bottomline, Jack has become a walking idiot, thanks to Emily and Amanda.

In a recent interview with The Insider, the on-screen Jack Porter answers all our burning questions about his character's fate in Revenge season 2. Heads up for minor spoilers!

Very intriguing season for Jack so far, what have you liked?

One of my favorite details is that we learned the paternity of the baby! It's such a bold move on the [writers] part. I love that I don't know exactly how they're going to get around it but it's such a good decision.

As a viewer I got the sense that Jack didn't want the baby to be his. What was your impression?

Look, this girl just decimated his heart a few times and just ruined his trust in her. He finally got to a place where he could wrap his brain around letting go of this girl that he thinks is the girl that he named his boat after and has been carrying a torch for ever since. He finally was able to let that go, and I think that was best for him. But now that she's back, I think he feels like that's like "F*ck you for coming back under these circumstances!" You only took my calls when you needed something and now you're coming back this late in the game pregnant when you need someone to take care of it? That's offensive. But Jack's so decent and loyal, so he's trying to silence the part of his mind that is screaming. I think he was hoping that it wouldn't be [his kid] so he could be with [Emily] this girl who he has a huge connection with that he can't explain. We kissed once, it was amazing, and now I have to go back to pretending I don't have these feelings for her.

That said, how do you think Jack would react to finding out everything Emily's done in her quest for revenge?

That's a good question. I suspect the writers would want to extract as much drama from that reveal as possible. The tension they're trying to build with this is that she's getting so deep into this lie, that if she told the truth now, everyone would be like, "I can never trust you again." Personally, I think if Emily explained to Jack what she was doing and why he'd come to understand that. Yeah, she swapped identities with someone else and it's a little out there, a little crazy. But I think once he thought about what happened to her, he'd want her to get revenge.

Does that mean you'd like Jack to join Emily and Nolan's Revengers?

I suspect he will in the coming seasons. Jack will only do things that are just morally justifiable, but it might not always be that way. He might stoop to something illegal but it would always be for the right reasons.

Jack's facing a tough situation with a baby on the way and a failing bar. What lies ahead for him?

The bar is Jack's sole method of providing for his family and it causes some desperation, which puts him in some trouble. It sets up a scenario where he gets involved with some of the wrong people.

Revenge season 2 airs every Sunday on ABC.