Revenge Spoilers: Mike Kelley Teased Jaw-Dropping Fatality on Season 2 Premiere — Is This the End For Jack? Plus, Which Couple Will Tie the Knot?

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October 2, 2012

TV Guide talked to Revenge EP Mike Kelley to discuss the shipwreck tragedy that points to the ‘possible’ death of Emily Thorne’s love interest, Jack. Plus, hints about exchange of “I do’s” for a certain couple!

  • Creator Mike Kelley plans to reveal the corpse’s identity sometime during February sweeps. But for all those Jack/Emily shippers who are worried Jack is a goner, there’s hope. “The core relationship for Emily is and always will be Jack,” hints Kelley. Still, several major obstacles stand in the way of a real romance blossoming between the former childhood playmates: There’s the fact that Jack remains in the dark about who Emily really is, there’s the return of a mysterious man from her past, and, of course, there’s the about-to-burst Faux-manda, who’ll give birth in Episode 4.
  • Once baby Porter arrives, look for Emily to exploit her role as the infant’s godmother so she can “stay close to Jack and make sure he’s OK,” says VanCamp. “Emily just wants to protect him.” She may not have all that much to worry about as motherhood will mellow the scheming Amanda in “surprising ways,” says Kelley. Fatherhood, meanwhile, prompts Jack “to do whatever he can to ensure the child is raised with a father and a mother — something he didn’t have growing up.”
  • Does that mean wedding bells for the new parents? Just before February’s big dead body/shipwreck reveal, Kelley confirms one couple will indeed exchange “I do’s.” “The events are tied together and it won’t end well,” he ­teases. Adds Madeleine Stowe, who plays the very much alive and still villainous Victoria: “It’s certainly not who the audience expects.”
  • Who then? It’s premature to be talking engagement, but Emily’s techie accomplice Nolan (Gabriel Mann) will fall for a female NolCorp employee named Padma (Greek’s Dilshad Vadsaria), while Daniel (Josh Bowman), now cozy with social-climbing Ashley (Ashley Madekwe), continues to battle his ­unresolved feelings for ex-fiancée Emily. “Daniel definitely misses her,” says Bowman. “There’s no one else like Emily! He’s still carrying a torch for her and would love to rekindle what they had.”

Source: TV Guide