Revenge Spoilers: Like Mother, Like Son

Revenge Spoilers: Like Mother, Like Son

Up til now, Daniel has taken Victoria's side in the ferocious battle between his parents. That, however, is before she arranged to have him beat up in prison! (All for your own good, darling.) In the aftermath, Daniel is going to start coming into his own. He may be sweet, but he also is a Grayson.

"Victoria would do anything to protect her son," Madeleine Stowe said. "In reality, would you do that for your son if you know he could receive much worse in prison?" However, it will definitely cause some problems when Daniel finds out the truth. "He'll have to find someone new [to trust]," Kelley said, adding that Daniel will gain "a new respect and understanding" for his father.

When Daniel is (presumably) freed from prison, he won't return to the Grayson compound the same man he was before. "He remembers quite a bit and he's definitely catching on to something," Josh Bowman said. "He's going to come to a crossroads about making a decision between good and evil." He is, after all, a Grayson. Added Kelley: "He's no angel. He shot a guy. He didn't have to. He could have done something different with that moment but he didn't."

Can Daniel ever be anything more than a Grayson?

Source: TV Guide