Revenge Spoilers: Jack's Season 3 Arc Previewed

Revenge Spoilers: Jack's Season 3 Arc Previewed

Nick Wechsler's character on Revenge as Jack Porter has been previewed by incoming showrunner Sunil Nayar on a recent spoiler report from EW.

Oh, Jack. What on earth did you do to deserve all your misfortunes? TWO DEATHS in one season, that's just cumbersome to deal with for a normal person. I wonder how fictional characters exist day-by-day with all that mess -- not to mention emotional and psychological damages.

Word is, the most bereaved character on Revenge whom after too many painful memories will still stay on his home, the Stowaway Tavern. Really, Jack?!

In addition, series boss Nayar has revealed that "Jack has a tough road ahead." More spoilers below, read on:

“He has an absolute lot to synthesize for himself and, especially as a person who is so inherently moral and good, to have so much bad and betrayal enacted upon him has been a journey. And when we see him in the premiere, he’s obviously still on that journey, but also has asked himself a lot of questions and come up with answers to a few.” Which begs the question, though, why did Jack return at all? “You will get a sense of why that is,” Nayar teases. “And the other thing is, there’s a real connection to the Stowaway. It’s the bar his father created and it is where the memories of those he’s loved and lost lived. It’s the one anchor he has. In some ways, it represents his past, what happened with Emily represents his present and Carl represents his future.”

'Revenge' returns on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 9pm on ABC.