Revenge Spoilers: Jack & Nolan’s Bromance

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May 9, 2012

While Jack and Nolan may have gotten off to a rocky start as we’ve seen it, they’ve actually had a bromance that began a long time ago. Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan, explains:

There’s some really interesting Jack stuff coming up and actually what’s really interesting is you’re going to get to see the origin of their relationship. And for me, that was very exciting because no one had really ever explained it. And I hadn’t even thought to ask how these guys originally met. I just kind of assumed they bumped into each other sort of every summer. But it’s much more than that. So you will get to see the origins of their friendship and I think that that’s a jumping off point for things to come.

Do you like their unlikely friendship as much as I do? Where do you think it’s headed? How about best man at Jack and Emily’s wedding!

Source: TV Chick