Revenge Spoilers: Is Josh Bowman Exiting the Series?

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November 21, 2013

133555_ 0310“I love working on the show, but I’m just being honest. My character has flip-flopped the most, and it’s been so hard for me to play,” Revenge actor Josh Bowman has revealed in a report from TV Guide.

Let’s admit, Daniel Grayson is not one of the best assets of the ABC soap. His arcs seem to just fluctuate around being the
trite, good-looking rich kid who gets into troubles after a chunk of poor-decision making. We’re now halfway through season 3, and we still can’t distinguish Bowman’s character as a mere love interest, a villain or whatnot. Unlike Nolan Ross who serves as the show’s comic relief (plus his hacking skills as a bonus), Daniel is lacking that kind of solidity in terms of his personality.

And although we’re fully aware that Emily Van Camp‘s Emily Thorne has always used the Graysons as her pawns from the very beginning, atleast Victoria and Conrad get to throw a few strong punches here and there.

Bowman may have expressed a hint of exhaustion with his characater, the actor hasn’t confirmed anything yet regarding his exit. Nonetheless, it’s a breath of fresh air to know that he himself wants to beef-up Daniel’s bland arcs, sharing with the site an aspiration for his Revenge alter ego — a more badass Daniel Grayson.

“He should be despicable, disgusting and emotionless — worse than Conrad. Everything that he never wanted to be times 10! For me, that would be fun and the only way to keep him around,” Bowman enthused.

Do you think it’s time for Daniel to exit Emily’s orbit? Weigh-in!

  • Kelly8963

    I would be devastated if Josh Bowman left the series! I agree, that there’s a lot more to play with his character, but the chemistry he has with Emily is undeniable, and it’s been consistently refreshing to see him bring heart and good intentions to the crazy world of Revenge.

  • janine

    If Josh Bowman leaves the show I would probably stop watching this show. I haaate that the writers keep forcing Emily and Jack together, they were like six years old when they met, get over it.Daniel and Emily have such great chemistry that this show is not exploring, it would have been so interesting to make Emily actually fall for Daniel and feel conflicted about her path of revenge. If anyone needs to leave this show its Aiden, or Jack.

  • Lauren

    Get rid of Daniel, he has no back bone and has no central anchor to the story to be kept, he’s disposable. The chemistry isn’t there. Put him in a coma and have him wake up with amnesia that would be fun to see Victoria just horrified her kid doesn’t remember her. To top it off it’s really getting old that Emily uses Daniel to get back at Victoria and somehow it is not working. To get revenge on Victoria, Emily needs a new plan stat. The chemistry between Jack and Emily is so heartbreaking, he looks like he’s going to cry every time he tries to hate her. It’s apparent he has unresolved feelings and regret and anger that he has never been given the opportunity for a shot at Emily. Why are his scenes with Emily like ten seconds? Where’s the Romeo & Julietness that made our hearts melt from season one? As for Aiden, I don’t think he cares for Emily at all. He is the kind of guy that gloats in the locker room to all the football players when he’s nailed the cheerleader and that is a horrible quality in a guy. He kisses and tells and it’s pathetic and disgusting his grandstanding. I think Aiden should take a shot at Charlotte, she needs a taste of melting. That would get Emily to see Aiden for what he is– just a quarterback adding notches to his belt. As for Nolan, I miss the love story between him and Padma, that was absolutely romantic, I think she should be brought back from the dead. That way everything Nolan believed to be true would be earth shattering and we would see a different layer to Nolan. I loved who he was with Padma. I actually believed that for once he was actually thinking of a future beyond revenge with her, right now he is soooo depressed it’s seriously depressing. As for Victoria and Conrad, really getting old that they are invincible. Writers where are the cracks to this foundation of a farse? It’s getting old that nothing seems to break these two, I don’t get how they ever found each other because they seem to hate each other way too much.

  • Amac

    I would stop watching if Daniel Grayson died. That character has so much potential. I like how he can be compared to characters like Skyler White or Betty Draper whose partners also lived double lives. It will be refreshing to see the gender role reversal. Im anticipating Daniel needing a lot of therapy and those scenes will be riveting. Josh Bowman has such an expressive face. It will be great TV.

  • MusicGurl8192

    I want Daniel to stay, but to become Evil and with no Emotions! That would be pure awesomeness! Daniel & Emily, Chemistry ? HAHAHA! She ‘s USING him. Even Daniel doesn’t want to be with her… he doesn’t even KNOW her…

  • Violet Summer

    They had chem in season one maybe, but yes you are right she is using him but it would be fun to see him fall down to the way his father is.

  • Violet Summer

    BRAVO! but i still think daniel should stay because maybe just maybe he can become a more interestinfg character. maybe he will be a younger version of conrad.