Revenge Spoilers: Is It The End for Emily Thorne?

exodusEmily's biggest takedown against the Graysons has been an epic fail. OOPS.

After three seasons of faking smiles and butting heads with Victoria, the master plan of David Clarke's avenger had unfortunately gone south.

With the way things panned out in "Exodus", it is now a big question if Amanda Clarke's journey has finally ended. Or better yet, was it just the writers' way of prepping the viewers into a new spectrum we haven't seen yet?

Revenge boss Sunil Nayar addressed the show's shocking midseason finale in a report from TV Guide. Read on for the scoop:

"Surprisingly, there's so much story left to tell and one of the things the finale helped do is change the nature of how we can do [those stories]," executive producer Sunil Nayar says.

"Definitely one of the things we're talking about is that Emily needs a measure of success by season's end, just so we understand she is good at what she does."

Watch the promo for an all new episode of Revenge titled "Homecoming" below: