Revenge Spoilers: Is Charlotte Still Alive? Actress Christa B. Allen Weighs-in!

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September 28, 2012

TV Fanatic shared their exclusive chat with Revenge actress Christa B. Allen where she divulged details about her character, Charlotte on the sophomore return of the ABC drama. Check out this spoilers we grabbed from the said interview!

  • The return episode kicks off with “the revelation of a dead body,” Allen teases.
  • “Charlotte does a bit of research into her past,” Allen says of what’s to come. “We learn more about how we got to this stage.”
  • “Much along the lines of the first season, you see how Charlotte is moved around by her parents,” Allen said. “It strengthens the story of last season and proves again how twisted of a family the Graysons can be.”

Source: TV Fanatic