Revenge Spoilers: How Many Will Die In Season 3? Plus, Who Will End Up In The Emergency Room?

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August 13, 2013


Another Hapmtonite will face a sticky ending on Revenge, we just learned.

This only translates to one thing, new boss Sunil Nayar likes to off characters too! (Watch out people!)

But before we jump into conclusion, note that there’ll also be an emergency event that will put another characcter’s life in jeopardy. So bottomline, that’s TWO imminent danger abound in season 3!

Read more about the spoilers revealed by E! Online below:

Yes, there will be at least one death this season. We can also tell you that someone notable ends up in the emergency room in episode four. It’s a life or death sitch that requires defibrillator paddles, so if you’re an uberfan, you might want to have your own pair on standby!

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