Revenge Spoilers: Guess Who Landed The Role of Victoria Grayson’s Mother!

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October 9, 2012

In an all new season of Revenge, a new villain is about to hit the Hamptons.

Actress Adrienne Barbeau, (Grey’s Anatomy/Dexter) was confirmed to play the role of Victoria Grayson’s mother. Ofcourse, that can only mean one thing — More secrets to unravel, so you better keep an eye on those this fall Revengers!

In the meantime, to know more about Barbeau’s character profile, keep reading for the spoilers teased by creator Mike Kelley.

  • Adrienne Barbeau will play Mama Harper – somebody who knows how to use people.
  • She taught Victoria what it takes to survive with very little, with your wit and your looks, really.
  • When Barbeau’s character shows up we will learn how the monster that is Victoria Grayson was put together, and we’ll learn that there’s a lot of damage that went into this little girl that became Victoria Grayson — and that it was at the hands of her mother.
  • Additionally, Emily and Victoria will share a lot more than they would have ever expected in terms of family.

Source: TV Line