Revenge Spoilers: Gabriel Mann Teases Nolan-Centric Season 2 Finale and A Revenge-y Jack Porter

Revenge Spoilers: Gabriel Mann Teases Nolan-Centric Season 2 Finale and A <em>Revenge</em>-y Jack Porter

EMILY VANCAMPHi Revengers, how'd you feel about the previous episode of Revenge titled "Sacrifice"? I have some spoilers for you below but before that, I have some thoughts about the episode. Feel free to share your thoughts about them in the comments. 

Were you crestfallen when Amanda died during her honeymoon stage with Jack? I was, but it's not like I hadn't expected it to happen. Fauxmanda Clarke's character notwithstanding her edginess cannot stay long at the Hamptons for good. I say its simply because Jack and Emily's childhood backstory won't be able to sustain Fauxmanda and Jack's happily married life. Showrunners have their psychobabble way of pushing viewers to root for the leading woman as always. And if they hadn't killed off Amanda, it will be arduous for the writers to create another complex storyline in breaking Jack and Fauxmanda's healthy relationship just so they can resuscitate Jack's childhood flame with the real Amanda Clarke.

But anyway for whatever its worth, the death of Amanda was one of the strongest episode I've seen from season 2 so far. There's always this diminutive stroke of intensity and thrill when a death happens in an open sea. And I loved that Nolan and Ems worked their asses off to rescue the sturggling newlyweds. However, I can't help but be miffed about Amanda's decision to leave Jack out in the open sea, with a gun shot! How did her decision to NOT join Jack on the boat be some kind of help? She just put them in a much more deplorable situation. Her stupid decision makings gave her a free pass to death, even with Emily's help. Piece of advice Amanda, when you're widely aware that something is about to explode right under your nose, just scram! Forget about your sentiments over the freakin' necklace!

As promised, here are the latest spoilers abound on the second half of Revenge. TV Line had an exclusive chat with Revenge actor Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) where he teased the events to unfold on the finale and the stuffs that shall keep tech savvy Nolan Ross busy until the season wraps-up.

The effect of Amanda's death in the Hamptons

“Amanda’s death shakes things up in such a major way psychologically for the characters. Nolan does feel, in his love and empathy for Emily, the pain that she went through.”

Season 2 Cliffhanger

“[Showrunner] Mike Kelley is keeping [finale storylines] so close to the vest,” Mann shares, “but I will say that the cliffhanger we are working up to at the end of this season is very Nolan-centric.”

A Mean, Revenge-y Jack Porter

“Because he now knows way too much — although he’s still grasping at details — I think we’re about to see the birth of a new, smarter, meaner, revenge-y Jack Porter. That’s what I’m going to tease for the rest of the season.”

Things that will keep Nolan preoccupied for the rest of season 2

“Nolan has got his hands full with The Initiative and the ‘Padma of it all’ right now. Somewhere in between [dealing with] Jack and Padma, it’s actually a return to classic Emily-and-Nolan for the rest of the season — and I’m really looking forward to that.”

Were you shocked about Amanda's death?