Revenge Spoilers: Emily and Jack's Worlds Collide

Revenge Spoilers: Emily and Jack's Worlds Collide

The Stowaway storyline and Emily's plot for vengeance will finally meet at one point on the midseason return of the ABC sudser, Revenge. Dissecting the upcoming episodes, TV Line shared with us what they learned from the show's EP, Mike Kelley. Check out the major dish below!

Emily and Jack's worlds, which for most of the season have remained separate, will soon collide in a major way. "I can tell you that for everybody who's been waiting patiently for the Stowaway story to really pay off and wrap back around into Emily's world, that's about to come together in spades," creator Mike Kelley dishes to TVLine.

Additionally, the happiness Emily and Aiden are currently experiencing won't last for long. "There's going to be a huge loyalty challenge between the two of them, because he's got his own drama and agenda," the EP shares.

The Initiative storyline, meanwhile, will soon shift a bit "so that it ties everyone together," Kelley reveals. "We're focusing on making sure that it's not as nebulous going forward; that we understand specifically what they're doing as it unfolds."

As for what fans can expect in the upcoming 14th (not the 13th, as previously reported) episode, which will feature the shocking sinking of the Amanda, Kelley shares: "This event is as powerful emotionally as last year's [Fire and Ice Ball] was shock-wise."

The next episode titled "Power" returns on Sunday, Jan. 6 on ABC. Watch the official promo here!