Revenge Spoilers: Declan's in Trouble

Revenge Spoilers: Declan's in Trouble

Connor Paolo, who portrays fan favorite Declan on Revenge, shares spoilers on his character's path to the season finale. Not only will he begin to grasp the deadly power that the Graysons hold, he may come to the realization that he destroyed his future by lying on the stand.

“If the Graysons weren’t on his back before, they certainly are now... It is a terrifying thing. As we move forward, he starts to grasp it. But as of now, he doesn’t fully grasp. He has great respect for the power that the Graysons have. It’s very clear that they are influential and temperamental people, but I don’t think he has any concept of [their] depravity. There’s definitely a certain amount of tension because Jack, being the self-sacrificing person he is, doesn’t want to see his brother perjure himself and doesn’t want to see his brother risk destroying his future... [Being convicted] will absolutely ruin Declan’s chances at any time of life outside of the one that he already leads, which both he and Jack want for him. Jack would almost rather take the fall for this than see his brother fall apart instead.”

Though all the drama, you would hope that his girlfriend Charlotte Grayson would stand by Declan's side... but unfortunately she is on a different side. Her brother Daniel's. But while their relationship may seemingly be over, there is always hope for young love.

“I think there’s always hope. I don’t think any of this would have been happening if they didn’t love each other. Love is only so far away from hate... I think right now they’ve got a lot of hurdles to jump if they’re going to stay together. They’re both angry with each other. There’s a big well of miscommunication between them right now. Though, I think Declan understands why Charlotte would protect Daniel and Charlotte understands why Declan would protect Jack.”

We're on your side, Declan!

Source: EW