Revenge Spoilers: David Clarke Flashbacks

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March 14, 2012

If you’re a fan of Emily’s dead father, David Clarke, you will be happy to hear you’ll be seeing a lot of him in an upcoming episode. If you’re NOT a fan of Emily’s nemesis, Victoria Grayson, you won’t be happy to hear a lot of the flashbacks have to do with her relationship with daddy Clarke. But you’ll see a more… pleasant side of that lady.

“Over time, she’s become a little bit more [hardened],” portrayer Madeleine Stowe tells TVLine. “Early on, you might see something that’s a little more playful, a little more fun.” The origin-heavy hour will also jump ahead to 2002 to show the “tough and rough” dynamic between fresh-out-of-juvie Emily and frenemy Nolan, previews Emily VanCamp, who adds, “We also have almost all of the take-down characters [return]. It’s really cool. It’s a great episode.”

Looking forward to this cool episode?

Source: TV Line