Revenge Spoilers: Is David Clarke Alive?

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March 14, 2012

Little Orphan Emily

It’s so sad to see the sweet relationship between Emily and her father, knowing that he’s dead: BUT, in a show like Revenge… you never know who is actually dead. And Emily’s father, David Clarke, didn’t die on screen, so there’s a strong possibility he’s still alive.

“I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again: If it’s not impossible, we’ll probably do it,” Kelley teased. “I love that character (played by Men in Trees‘ James Tupper)… but I can disappoint and titillate you all by saying you will not find out this season.” Regardless of what the future holds for David Clarke, Revenge does have plans to someday unveil what happened to Emily’s mother.

Cross your fingers that little Emily is one day reunited with her family!

Source: TV Line

  • Ritahaklany

    I think that Emily thorn father might be not dead he might be alive and well I think he is a great father to her I do not why she change her name to emily thorn she was I’n jail for doing something bad she have been switch name with some another girl to pentrend to be her and her ideanily

    I think tha Emily thorn is amanada but she is not Emily thorn is anamada and Amanda is Emily thorn and she have switch the name to pentrend to some one they not

    I think that Emily should come clear about her past and tells them why she have to get revenge on the Grayson maybe she want her father to help her to get revenge on the Grayson they should pay for what happend to David Clark he die innocent man ion prison

    Victoria was raped by David Clark it was a accident that she have. Baby with David Clark and the baby Bioigl father was her daughter she should kwon about her father david Clark is her father not the father of Victoria husband he is not the father of her daughter
    Amanda Clark want to regain her father death and pay Grayson pAy for what they did to him