Revenge Spoilers: Christa Allen Teases Season 3 — ” You can’t not be Team Charlotte this season”

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October 19, 2012

To all those Revengers rooting for Charlotte this season, we advise you not to miss this interview of The Insider with her portrayer, Christa B. Allen. The actress dropped a bunch of spoilers during the Q&A which we think might come in handy for y’all! So, keep reading and let’s go Team Charlotte!

On Charlotte’s journey this season — “You can’t not be Team Charlotte this season.”

  • People are really trying to mess with Charlotte, but she’s fighting back – you’ll especially see that on Sunday.
  • Fans will also see how awful Conrad is to Charlotte.
  • She’s not taking any of that mess – and by the way, people are starting to side with her, and stand by her.
  • Everyone hid everything from her for so long that she’s now taking control, doing the research and putting her foot in the door to say, “I want to know what’s going on!”
  • She’s got her sister on the scene right now, and making alliances in every corner.

This Sunday’s episode features Charlotte throwing a baby shower for “Emily”. Christa B. Allen teases –

I can tell you that after this episode, should anyone get an invite to a baby shower at the Grayson household, decline, decline, decline! [laughs] It goes horribly, horribly, wrong.

What’s ahead for Charlotte in season 3 –

  • The Revenge story goes on with flair and a vengeance.
  • People will be really impressed by how many facets Emily Thorne’s tale has.

‘Revenge’ season 2 airs every Sunday on ABC.

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    I’m pretty sure Charlotte will know about Emily Thorne in 2.07 !! Episode named “Exposure” by the way! (Actually am not pretty sure, but I hope so :p)