Revenge Spoilers: Charlotte Throws A B-day Party in “Payback” Episode

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December 10, 2013

CHRISTA B. ALLENCharlotte Grayson will be celebrating her birthday in an upcoming episode of Revenge, E! Online has revealed to us.

Aside from her new do and admitting to Conrad’s pre-meditated murder, the details on the said party do sounds like Emily’s lil sis have a lot more ‘meaningful things’ to celebrate for.

Episode 14, awesomely titled “Payback,” will feature the super lavish and over the top birthday party for Charlotte. (Ah, they grow up so far, don’t they?) And she’s going all Super Sweet 16 with it by having a major pop star sing “Happy Birthday” to her. Of course, she doesn’t have time to plan this event on her own, so expect to see an Ashley 2.0 running around the Hamptons.

‘Revenge’ airs every Sunday at 9PM ET on ABC.