Revenge Spoilers: Charlotte Numbs the Pain

Revenge Spoilers: Charlotte Numbs the Pain

Charlotte Grayson has led a pampered life: until now. As she spirals into drug abuse, she's going to discover the darker side of Revenge.

You'll see that [Charlotte's] going to have good reason to want to numb the pain. It's going to be really hard. The darker we go with Charlotte, the more kindred Emily feels with her. The same way that Daniel is a Grayson and Declan is a Porter, Charlotte is a Clarke. So the darkness that is surfacing in Charlotte has connective tissue between Emily and her and is going to provide a lot of story.

Charlotte will also try to learn more about her real father, David Clarke.

That's part of what fuels her darkness and her isolation. It's also part of the reason why Emily will want to stay closer to her, to make sure that whatever she discovers or needs to know, that Emily has control over that.

Are you looking forward to seeing the relationship between the new-found sisters grow?

Source: TV Guide