Revenge Spoilers: Blood & Love Triangles

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March 14, 2012

Whether you’re on Team Jack or Team Daniel, you’ve got to admit that both guys can be super sweet. Not only will Jack try to protect Amanda, he’ll respect Daniel enough to not put the moves on Emily while they’re together.

“I might need [the blood soaked hoodie] later,” hints Nick Wechsler in character. “If I need to get [Amanda] out of trouble, I might want it because I need to prove that I was there.” Meanwhile, don’t expect the bartender to swoop in and steal Emily while Daniel’s off doing time in the pokey. “He’s a good enough guy that he’s not wishing ill on [Daniel],” muses the actor. “He feels bad for him.” But, he adds, there “might be an [opportunity] now” in Daniel’s absence for “a slightly lingering hug” between the childhood sweethearts.

Time to start worrying, Daniel!

Source: TV Line