Revenge Spoilers: Barry Sloane Talks 'What's Next For Aiden After His Sister's Death'

Revenge Spoilers: Barry Sloane Talks 'What's Next For Aiden After His Sister's Death'

g-3007152508387937106In an interview with Wetpaint, actor Barry Sloane previewed the path of Aiden Mathis on ABC's Revenge.

Confirmed that Aiden's sis is officially a goner, what's next in line for Mr. Mathis? The actor also spilled some beans about Aiden's upcoming bromance entanglements with tech savvy, Nolan Ross.

Read on for the spoilers Revengers!

So Aiden's sister is dead. What's the mission now?

Barry Sloane: The mission is to support Emily [Thorne], you know, right away, and I think it’s giving him a drive. With Amanda [Clarke]’s death, it’s given Emily a focus to drive to the end now with a clear goal. It's also given Aiden a clear goal that, “OK. Well, I’ve lost my sister. I’m going to help you not lose your goal.” So he's working towards something else, so all of his energies are going to be to keep Emily happy and to make sure that this works until he gets distracted again, which he often does.

How is the relationship with Padma now that he truly trusts and is willing to work with her?

Well, again, he's getting very close to Nolan. He's close to Emily, and he's been asked by both of them to take care of this side issue. And he'll do it, you know. He's a very loyal person. He'll do as he's told.

So is she officially a part of the team going forward?

Yeah. She's part of the team. It's nice. It's like a nice foursome now.

Are we going to get more great bromantic moments between Aiden and Nolan?

Yes. I'm thankful because it's a pleasure working with Mr. Mann. So you'll see lots of that. They're like an old, strange husband and wife. It's going to be quite good.

Revenge airs every Sunday on ABC.