Revenge Spoilers: Are Daniel and Ashley Breaking Up Soon? Plus, Which Character is Set To Reappear?

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November 16, 2012

Revenge actress Ahsley Madekwe spoke to E! Online and teased about Daniel and Ahsley’s relationship on the ABC hit series.

Daniel and Ashley aren’t exactly the “walking-on-sunshine” pair of couple in the Hamptons. I mean sure, they may be able to pull off the “Couple Who Wore It Best” in every red carpeted event on the show, they’re chemistry just doesn’t measure up. If you’re one of the fans who are rooting for these two to go far along the way, then I strongly suggest you post more banners of Ashley heart Daniel foreva in any blogs, forums, etc. your internet connection can get access to — STAT!

Here’s what we dug up from E! Online:

We asked Ashley Madekwe if there was a future for her and Daniel, and she took a long pause before answering. “I can’t answer that! But we’re still doing it [right now].” Rub it in, why don’t you?

However, things may not be looking up for Ashley and Daniel but things on Emily Thorne’s plot for Revenge is likely to reveal more about her mother. The report confirmed that Jennifer Jason Leigh (Kara), is not going gone gone for good. Revenge fandom can still see her reappear on the next episodes.

That’s a wrap! More Revengeful spoilers to come, stay tuned!