Revenge Spoilers: Another Death

Revenge Spoilers: Another Death

Revenge is going to turn icy in the next few episodes. Executive Producer Mike Kelley shares spoilers about Jack, Amanda, and the murder trial. Oh - and one more surprising death.

You won't learn exactly what happens to Amanda until the end of the season. [Her disappearance] will be a part of Jack's story. What we're doing in episode 18 will service a lot of these questions through 17 and then we're bouncing to the holidays in the Hamptons. In episode 18 we're playing through the winter and the off-season in the resort town, which is very spooky and cool and snowy.

You know what? We resolve [the murder trial] way before we get to the end of the season and where this is really driving is towards, oh boy, I always struggle with what to give away. It's all heading towards the larger reason that Emily came back to the Hamptons. We're getting away from the murder on the beach and by the time we get to the end of the season we're going to be in the larger mythology.

[Can fans expect another death?] They can. The answer is yes and it's going to be surprising.

Who do you think will be the next to bite the dust at the hands of Revenge?

Source: E Online