Revenge Spoilers: Actor Josh Bowman Previews Daniel’s Fate in Season 2 — “He’s very much still thinking about Emily”

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October 2, 2012

Rollingstone sat down for a Q&A with Revenge Brit actor, Josh Bowman. On the interview, Josh gave fans a preview on what’s ahead for his character Daniel Grayson, a little teaser about Emily’s new love interest, his little steps to becoming a part in Grayson Global and more!

During the early run of season 2

For Daniel, he’s very much still thinking about Emily. We start the season with Daniel recovering. My sister survived but my mother is dead, and I’m going through that, and I’m also in somewhat of a relationship with Ashley Davenport, who is working at Grayson Global with me.

The aftermath of Victoria Grayson’s death and Daniel’s relationship status with Emily

We’re all in mourning for my mother, and Emily and I are separated.

New obstacles and characters to hit us on the way

There’s a new guy, Aiden [Barry Sloane], coming in from her past, and there’s also her mother [Jennifer Jason Leigh] who comes in from her past, so there’s a couple of new obstacles that are coming into play.

His efforts in working inside his father’s company, Grayson Global.

I’m definitely becoming more a part of Grayson Global – I’ve got a spring in my step for that. I want to right a few of the wrongs that my dad’s been doing. He just causes absolute drama and catastrophe, and he works with the Initiative, which is the terrorist organization. I don’t know that, but Daniel, I hope, has grown up. He’s taking a little bit more control, and he needs to – it’s a multi-multi-multi billion dollar company, and he’s learning the ropes. He’s keen about it.

Source: Rollingstone