Revenge Spoilers: A New Connection Yet to be Revealed About Conrad & Daniel!

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October 1, 2012

EW shared a post season 2 premiere spoiler for Revenge. Check out this scoop you don’t want to miss!

Well, as you saw last night, Daddy Grayson is working against his own daughter. His daughter is protecting her very-not-dead mother. Victoria is fooling everyone. And Daniel is dating Ashley. And as Henry Czerny tells me, there could be yet another connection to be revealed involving Conrad and Daniel’s new squeeze! “It is a layered soap format so there’s a good chance all the characters have something to do with each other at some point. How deep it goes will be up to time. But [Ashley] definitely caught Conrad’s eye as a kindred spirit,” he says. “So in terms of getting her to work for him, he is definitely working on it, but if I were Ashley, I would be very hesitant. But Ashley’s decisions — like Conrad’s — are blinded by greed and her hunger for power and status.”

Source: EW