Revenge Spoilers: A Love Interest For Jack

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November 9, 2011

Revenge is getting more interesting with every episode, and so are the spoilers:

  • We’ll meet over-the-top Mason Treadwell. He’s a fancypants writer type whose book on the locals has made him as big a celebrity as any of the rich bitches he’s profiled.
  • We’ve already met a love interest for Jack. There is going to be an introduction to another character, which may lead into a love square but it is definitely going to put a spin on the works.
  • Prepare for a major rift to occur between Daniel and Victoria in next Wednesday’s episode. There is a huge showdown because she does something to Emily to pull on me to confront her in a serious level, and it wasn’t good. It has to do with Fran.
  • Tyler is going to be around for a little longer. Tyler is really taking a grip of my Daniel’s dad and he’s starting to weasel his way in. He’s going to put a stop to that you’ll see over the next three or four episodes.