Revenge Season 3 Spoilers: No More Room for [SPOILER] In Emily's Heart? Showrunner Downgrades Quadrangle to Triangle!

Revenge Season 3 Spoilers: No More Room for [SPOILER] In Emily's Heart? Showrunner Downgrades Quadrangle to Triangle!


I'm not so sure if this is a bad news or a good news, but as far as crazy romantic relationships go I can't wait to be part of this new ride in Emily Thorne's revengeful life.

So here's the latest dish: After the exit of previous showrunner Mike Kelley, Revenge's new boss Sunil Nayar is going to tweak a few things in the ABC sudser. Yesterday, ABC's Entertainment president Paul Lee admitted that the previous season "stumbled a little bit" in terms of some convoluted plots the Grayson family has concocted. In other words, we shall translate that into: the-ever-nebulous "The Initiative" arc.

Thank goodness, that ship has finally sailed.

Moving forward, we learned that as part of Nayar's plan to make Revenge a "little less compicated", he has cut out one of Emily's leading man as a love interest. Unfortunately, for Daniel and Emily shippers, it's time to put down your "Emily heart Daniel 4ever" banners.

Yes, when we see Emily and the Grayson scion in season 3, he'll be perceived as nothing but a foe.

Below is a statement from Revenge actress Emily Van Camp during her recent chat with TV Line:

“One thing that Sunil and I talked about was really defining her relationship with these men, because it got very muddled,” she reveals. “No one is going to love three men in the same way. We really needed to define: Who does Emily Thorne love?”

“She’s really using Daniel,” she concedes. “It’s unfortunate. There really is not the element of love between Emily and Daniel. It’s part of her plan. Jack and Aiden are her two great loves, for very different reasons. Emily and Aiden understand each other on a totally different level than anyone could ever imagine. And yet the nostalgia and the childhood love and the purity and the wholesomeness of love with Jack is such an appeal to her, too.”
Bottom line: Though there will no longer be a three-way tie for Emily’s affections, the revengenista certainly won’t have it easy. “She’s battling these different emotions of two different men, and yet she’s marrying another one,” she says, laughing. ”It’s incredibly complicated, as always.”

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