Revenge Season 3 Spoilers: Meet [SPOILER] Grayson Version 2.0 and Welcome Patrick! — Exclusive

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July 17, 2013

REVENGE - "Identity" - Desperate to find Padma, Emily, Aiden and Nolan must track down the Falc0n's true identity and put a stop to the Initiative while Emily struggles with her future and Victoria fights her own battle after a very exposing interview on "Nightline," on "Revenge," SUNDAY, APRIL 28 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Vivian Zink) EMILY VAN CAMP

Hi Revengers. Thanks for checking in!

As we’ve already spoiled earlier, Revenge season 3 will take a 5-month time jump from the explosion that put Declan Porter D-E-A-D. We also know that a mother and son reunion between Victoria Grayson and her long lost son, Patrick will occur.

Today, we bring you a new bunch of spoilers also happening on the yet-to-be-scheduled season 3 premiere of the ABC sudser.

First up, we learned that the title of the premiere episode is “Fear”.

Secondly, let’s get to know the new addition to Victoria’s progenies — Patrick Harper.

Here are some quick facts:

Patrick Harper is in his late 30s. Physically, he is ruggedly handsome and has a trace of darkness in his eyes.

Finally, here’s a synopsis of the episode, watch out for the MAJOR spoilers:

  • On “Fear”, while Emily and Daniel are staying in Paris, Patrick and Victoria will spend a solid quality time together.
  • Meanwhile, as the mother and son reunion develops, a transformed version of Charlotte Grayson will emerge.
  • After grieving overseas for the loss of Declan, prepare to see the new version of Charlotte as a more sophisticated woman.
  • Later on, a strong level of hostility will fill-up the room when Charlotte finally meets her half-brother, Patrick.
  • Elsewhere on the Stowaway, Emily visits Jack to apologize (for the umpteenth time) for betraying him about her secret identity.

Thoughts? Sound off below!

‘Revenge’ season 3 will air every Sundays at 9/8c in the fall.

  • Phelix

    Thoughts? Even worse than it was. Rating must be 0,7

  • Lauren

    It seems to be going backwards. What happened to actually seeking revenge and actually getting it? The first few episodes from season 1 were more captivating than what they’ve been dishing recently. Season 2 was HORRIBLE. And it seems Season 3 is heading into HORRIBLE IDEAS PART 2. What happened to the whole romance of childhood loves? Emily was so in love with him and it has totally drifted from that. What happened to Emily avenging her father’s death? Emily is so opposite of that like on another planet of pathetic! What happened to Nolan being a super genius? Nolan became a carpet that everyone walked all over in Season 2! Whoever is writing this has torpedoed the point of this show which was revenge not let’s sweep it under the rug like it never happened! Victoria as usual has lost nothing! How is that revenge? I have never felt sorry for her or pity for her. And how is it that Emily has so simply walked away from torturing the woman who stole her whole childhood???? Emily had ZERO childhood because of Victoria. Why hasn’t she done anything about it? She has done NOTHING towards destroying Victoria! She shacked up with Daniel, yeah like that will show her, uh NOT! Charlotte is her half sister, she’s done nothing in terms of that relationship. Charlotte got a childhood while Emily had prison and no father, no family like ever! Hello, is Emily like brain dead? This show has gone from revenge to let’s be doormats and let evil reign. Where is the tough cookie Emily who loved Jack? Where is the hard core Emily whose goal was to ruin, humiliate and completely destroy Victoria? Where is the smart Emily who utilized Nolan instead of walking all over him and ignoring him? I’ll tell you, she became a doormat with a capital D! Huge disappointment in how this show has gone south. I don’t understand how it got renewed when it should just sink itself to cancellation since it is not about revenge anymore.

  • Boo

    I just hope these spoilers are not true otherwise I have to agree with Lauren, Phelix and millions of disappointed fans around the globe.

  • Phelix

    Nolan probably pregnant after prison

  • Brittney

    I have to disagree about the whole this season is going to fail. I think this season is going to get back to the core and Mike Kelley ran out of ideas in season 2 that’s why it got bad but the last few eps of Season 2 were amazing. Im excited to see Emily be able to focus now without Aiden!

  • Boo

    Wait a minute. Nolan will still be in Prison while Emily decided to go to Paris with Daniel GRAYSON!??? I hope not. I am rooting for Emily only because of Nolan and this sh*t treatment would really kill the show for me.

  • nosey

    Ditto Lauren. . .I am not seeing how her dating/marrying Daniel is torturing Victoria. She may not like the idea but Victoria knows Fauxmily doesn’t love her son, and knows they are just alike. To me that doesn’t hurt Victoria, it just confirms what she has known all along, hence the engagement gift from Season 1. Victoria wins either way, Fauxmily marries Daniel, marriage will be so empty, and Victoria wins b/c she was right. Fauxmily doesn’t marry Daniel, Victoria wins b/c she was right. She will have to come better than that to take down Queen Victoria. It is not revenge to see the Grayson’s winning w/ absolutely no suffering at all, while people closest to her are majorly suffering. If the Graysons were suffering a little then the casualties will make sense. BTW, how in the world could that ever happen to Nolan, and all this bad stuff happening to people you are closest to, w/ nothing happening to your targets. In all honesty, having Daniel in jail for something he didn’t do (just like her father) would have been the torture Victoria needed (which I believe she saved him to keep Jack out of the Grayson’s crossfire). Definitely would have separated the mother and son in worst way possible. Moving to Paris with the Queen’s son, when they have the means to move there as well, not really a convincing plan if the goal is to separate mother from children. What she did to the1st few people in her hit list. . . brilliant, yes the innocent suffered, but the innocent should be victims associated w/ her target not her. I just think there are too many casualties for her not to accomplish anything on the Graysons. The Grayson’s aren’t sweating let along being tortured. The Grayson empire is far from being crumbled!!!

  • Phelix

    Does not matter. They killed a second season and I don’t think they have new ideas. Their writers are sitting on Twitter and share photos. New writers follow Nolan’s crazy fans-girls. And sooner or later, Nolan fuck Emily. It’s the desire of fans. Mike Kelley was against it.

  • Boo